Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Napoleon Dynamite

What a lovely surprise of a film. Was high school really so much like hell? Napoleon hangs in there, and as he muddles his way through life with a repressed older brother and a perpetually adolescent uncle (while grandma is away), exudes the beauty of friendship in a performance that is its own reward - and he doesn't even seem to notice.

It was so refreshing to see such unselfish characters in this small, odd little movie. It's funny. I felt like nothing was ever going to really happen, and then when it does, all I could do was smile.

Not sure what the religious imagry signified. Any ideas out there?

I overheard some young kids about 12 and 13, tell their mother on the way out of the theater, "See, Mom? I told you it was funny." "It was really good." And mom agreed.

Alas, I am a non-teen, and I enjoyed it, too.



tamarinmusic said...

i agree. this was a sweet and funny movie. very refreshing.

marcpsny said...

"Not sure what the religious imagry signified. Any ideas out there?"

the filmakers and some of the actors (napolean himself) are mormons. so perhaps that had something to do with it.

floralilia said...

i loved this film!