Saturday, July 30, 2005

March of the Penguins, The (Marche de l'empereur, La)

Luc Jacquet’ amazing and beautiful documentary about a year in the lives of Emperor penguins in Antarctica evokes wonder at the miracle of creation and nature, and left me in a contemplative mood.


Some friends who also saw the film said it spoke to them regarding the way nature teaches us about life, community, fidelity, care for our young, and sacrifice.


The narration, written by Jordan Roberts and read by actor Morgan Freeman, is informative without being academic, and reverent.


As the credits roll we finally get to see some sequences of how the film was shot. Although I was not cold when I went into the theater, the sight of these small animals in -80 f weather, and the filmmakers trying to set their equipment in ice and snow, made me shiver.


Although Mad Hot Ballroom is still my favorite documentary so far, The March of the Penguins is going to be a contender because it is ... art.


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