Saturday, August 20, 2005

Locarno Film Festival Ecumenical Prize and Award

Locarno Ecumenical Awards (from

At the Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland), the Ecumenical Jury gave its Prize - which includes 20.000.- CHFr given by the Catholic Church and the Reformed church in Switzerland to assist distribution of the film in Switzerland - to "LA NEUVAINE" (Canada) directed by Bernard Émond.   "La Neuvaine" "While many explicitly religious films fall short because of too earnest proselytising or alienating aspects of piety, "LA NEUVAINE" succeeds in presenting simple faith with respect, acknowledging how difficult it is to believe in God in a secular world and in the aftermath of tragedy. When a young man making a pilgrimage of prayer for his dying grandmother encounters a doctor paralyzed by anguish, the interaction leads not to miracles or conversion but to kindness and deep possibilities for hope. "

The Ecumenical Jury awarded a Commendation to "FRATRICIDE" by Yilmaz Arslan (Germany).

"FRATRICIDE" provocatively confronts the burning European question of refugees. The setting is Germany, the people the Kurds. Yilmaz Arslan combines a complex plot about two brothers with scenes of visceral violence as well as a tender picture of caring friendship. His film is both an accusation against racism and neglect and a plea for common humanity and decency."

The members of the Ecumenical Jury were Karsten Visarius (Germany, President), Peter Malone (Australia), Randy Naylor (United Kingdom), Rose Pacatte (USA), Adela Peeva (Bulgaria) and Ruben Rosello (Switzerland).

For a list of all the award winners from the festival visit

Rodrigo Garcia, director and writer of Nine Lives won the Golden Leopard for his film, and the ensemble of actresses from the film shared the Best Actress Award.

Patrick Drolet from La Neuvaine won Best Actor,

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