Friday, February 17, 2006

Celebration of Gospel: BET's 6th

If you are a fan of Gospel, or not, tune into BET's 6th Celebration of Gospel on February 23rd (BET is a cable station).

Here is the web link:

I was invited to be at the taping by one of the show's producers, and it rocked!

Stevie Wonder sings three songs (one a duet), and the show is hosted by Steve Harvey.

Now let me tell you something about Steve Harvey: he's really funny (He was Buzz to David Spade's "Scuzz" in the 2005 film "Racing Stripes" and hosted "It's Showtime at the Apollo" - a show I wish was on primetime instead of tucked away in the middle of the night for insomniacs). Of course, the taping audience got a lot of his "lip" in between that won't make it to the final cut, but he stood up there for four hours and entertained us; a couple of times I was almost in tears but I don't think those jokes made it... He really should do the Oscars.

The music is awesome, and the spirit so authentic and caring. I admit, I don't follow Gospel very much, so this was an intro to pretty much a whole new world - and musicians and singers - for me. And I loved every minute (even if I missed some of the "inside" jokes or references).

The BET production and direction crew deserves an award. When Harvey misread (?) some of the cue cards or the promoter, and had to start over and over, the audience was cracking up and the crew... persevered!


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