Monday, March 6, 2006

Oscars 2006


My hopes vis-à-vis  the winners!

Best Actor - Phillip Seymour Hoffman  *****

Best Supporting Actor - Paul Giamatti (This was a difficult call because George is great, but I'd still vote for Paul Giamatti)

Best Actress - Reese Witherspoon: Walk the Line *****

Best Supporting Actress - Rachel Weisz: Constant Gardener *****

Best Animated Feature: Corpse Bride

Best Cinematography: The New World

Costume Design: Memoirs of a Geisha *****

Best Direction: Crash

Best Documentary Feature: March of the Penguins *****

Best Foreign Language Film: Between Tsotsi (seeing it tonight) and Joyeux Noel (excellent)  ***** (I should have updated this; Tsotsi deserves the Oscar)

Best Original Score: Munich

Best Original Song: In the Deep: CRASH

Documentary Short: God Sleeps in Rwanda

Art Direction: Good Night and Good Luck

Make-Up: The Chronicles of Narnia *****

Film Editing: Walk the Line

Visual Effects: King Kong

Screenplay Adapted: Capote

Screenplay Original: Crash *****

Sound Mixing: Walk the Line

Short Film - Live Action:?

Best Picture: Crash YES!!! *****

Short Film Animated: ?


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