Tuesday, October 10, 2006

1 vs 100

Hi all,
This is to let you know that I will be on a new show called "1 vs 100" on NBC, beginning this Friday at 9:00pm. Hosted by Bob Saget. I don't know how they edited the show or which day(s) I will be on. I think they taped five shows. It's about pop culture trivia.
The network (NBC) wanted someone to go on for a non-profit. I have no idea how I came off (and I tremble a little at the thought.) It certainly was educational though. To tape a 43 minute program it took HOURS and incredible planning and coordination. I arrived on the lot at noon and left at about 12:10am. The producers and everyone were extremely nice - including the other contestants that I spoke with. That's all I can tell you according to the contract!!
I played for our Daughetrs of St. Paul Retired Sisters Fund and thanked all the people watching who contribute to the annual fund for retired sisters (I hope they left that in.)
Tune in....

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matushkalisa said...

Sr. Rose William,

Praised be Jesus Christ!

What a wonderful surprise to turn on my new TV indulgence and see you on the show!  It was definitely a wonderful trip down memory lane.  My children were up late on Friday and I allowed them to watch some of the show with me.  They were so excited that Mommy knows Sr. Rose.  :-)  I am looking forward to the continuation next week.

I pray that all is well for you.  I see that you are in Culver City now.  May our Lord continue to bless you and all that you and the Sisters do in His name.

In Christ,

Lisa (or is it Mary?)  :-)