Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tyler's Ride Webisode Update

Tyler's Ride Update

It's Tuesday and time for an all new Tyler's Ride! See Episode 6 today!

This week, find-out what happens when Tyler and Vinnie push Samantha too far. Then, how does a neighbor's dog help? What happens to Tyler in the park that sets him into a new direction? It's a new day on Tyler's Ride!

You can watch Episodes 1 - 6 in Fullscreen HD TV on blinkx! Go to www.blinkx.com and send your favorite episodes to friends!

Be sure to also check-out new, behind-the-scenes photos now and video blogs later this week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! See what Lauren, Tyler and Charles are really thinking!

Go to www.blinkx.com and www.tylersride.com now! Tell a friend!

Paulist Productions
I am posting this so that you can check out the great possibilities of the web for innovative story-telling that matters. Kudos to Paulist Productions for "putting out into the deep" with this initiative.
Sr Rose

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