Friday, August 29, 2008




Wednesday, August 27th finished off with the German film JERICHOW, the first film in competition of which there are 21 all together plus tons of other films. I will let you check … the Internet Movie Database for fimmaker details, or you can visit the Venice film Festival,s official site.


JERICHOW is a German film about a dishonorably discharged soldier who had served in Afghanistan, a Turkish man who owns a chain of snack shops and his German wife. The soldier, Thomas, has just buried his mother when the man who had lent him a lot of money comes for it, beating him in the process. Penniless, the Turkish man, Ali, who has lived in Germany since he was two years old, almost runs him off the road when he loses control of his car because he is drunk … as usual. Ali hires Tomas to be his driver because he has already lost his license. In fact, Thomas plays a good samaratin to Ali and takes the blame for the accident when the cops show up.


Benno Furmann as Thomas


Laura, Ali,s wife, and Thomas are attracted to one another, but Tomas tries to be honorable. Ali is jealous and follows his wife. Thus the scene is set for a tragedy that will reveal who among them, if any, has a good heart. Add to it the theme of identity, both human and national.


JERICHOW is the town where all this takes place. The story is a tragedy and though well filmed and very watchable, is a downer at the end of the day.

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