Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Venice Film Festival Photos

This is the official logo or graphic of the festival this year and I couldn't find it on google images (!) so I took a photo of a billboard... :-) They are big on piracy issues this year here. Digital cinema is also a hot topic.

Here are some photos I have taken from the festival so far... No, there aren't any of anyone famous (yet). I haven't been going to the press conferences and the journalists have finally figured out which door the celebs enter and exit from (in 2000 there were only two of us hanging around and that's how we got to meet Ed Harris...)

Anyway, these may or may not be in any order, but here goes!

Freddie Sartor, a SIGNIS (Catholic) Jury member from Belgium on the left and Fr. Peter Malone, MSH, who heads the SIGNIS chair for cinema and is a jury member as well.

This was opening night... waiting for George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Coen Brothers...

The Excellsior Hotel, Lido

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