Tuesday, May 11, 2004

National Film Retreat

If you like this blog I am hoping you will consider the NATIONAL FILM RETREAT (July 23-25, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles) where movie lovers gather every year (this summer will be our 8th retreat in five years) to talk and reflect on film, spirituality and theology. Our theme this year is "Matters of Conscience." The deadline for registration in June 25th.

The web site is located at http://www.nationalfilmretreat.org

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shanazdrojowy said...

Hi, Rose!  I'd love to go to the National Film Retreat, but it's going to be a bit out of the loop for me. I'm relocating this summer from Austin to Atlanta.  Thanks for the invite.  I enjoy your journal... as I am one wild, evangelical girl too!