Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Van Helsing

VAN HELSING is pure cinematic comic book horror and Hugh Jackman knows how to pull it off (X-Men franchise). It's over-the-top and funny, and uses the Catholic Church (to an absurd extreme) and Catholic imagery and theological tradition, much like Nosferatu (the Dracula story is the Christ story in reverse) and other Dracula stories.

It's really a too-long hodge-podge of all the vampire/Frankenstein flicks that have come before - but it was fun. I think there's a commentary in there somewhere on what happens when technology, human life and religion mix. What makes a human being? And who gives life? What's going on with the maternal image?





fourthcanevin said...

Hi Sister!  Check out my review of VanHelsing at my AOL blog, "fourthcanevin".

scottfit321 said...

i have not seen the movie, but I wanted to mention that you have one of the few intelligent journals on american online!