Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Welcome to My Movies!

I am very pleased to welcome you to this online journal.

I would like to share with you my criteria for exploring contemporary film through these spontaneous reviews and commentary - usually written within 24 hours of viewing (hence the occasional typo's). I try to consider


n                                  The degree to which the filmmaker tells the story through the creative use of image and sound;

n                                  How well the main character(s) grows as a person and member of the human family;

n                                  The promotion of the Gospel values of human dignity, family and community, justice, peace, and fair representation of cultures, races, gender, age, religious faith and spirituality, and

n                                  The ability to entertain and uplift the human spirit.


Film criticism and interpretation is so very subjective, so I appreciate your comments. My hope is that this blog, by adding to the conversation about movies that are so prevalent in our culture, will create a “space” for ongoing dialogue between families, friends and communities about human and Gospel values. Talking about movies, that is, cinema story-telling is a way to engage critically and positively with our culture. It can be a meaningful way to build bridges between people, especially our young who are both the largest movie audience in the world and the future story-tellers through film (and television) of tomorrow


jeanyu said...

Hi congratulations! very interesting views!

ib2n10se4u said...

Just found your journal, thanks to the Editor's Picks.  I am a big movie buff myself and have read the entries pertaining to the movies I myself have seen and find your open-minded views quite interesting.  I look forward to more from you!

frnkfrost said...

Love your commentaries.

jeri452 said...

Hi! Congratulations on making the top 5! I like this journal and will be back. Come  to mine sometime. http://journals.aol.com/jeri452/Mycreations/


my78novata said...

Congradulations on being one of the top 5. You're journal is great!!!!!!! We homeschool & I have two girls one 23 who graduated from Homeschooling & is teaching at a private school & one 16 who has her permit now and takes care of a special needs child several time a week. Both care for the elderly, love kids & animals & take Karate & Piano. We also love to go camping. We love animals and always take our tw big dogs camping. We love working on old cars also or just fixing our up. You can also check out our kodak pictures page first link in our OTHER JOURNALS LINKS. Cars, animals and our way of living are all there. We love getting posts in my journal & see how our daily life goes on I 'd love to hear from you.  LORI  

slacbacmac said...

Amazing & Miraculous~~congratz on joining
the pentaglows.  Who says that media and
religion don't mix?  Not me, Sister
[the audience Prays for better stories>]

readmereadyou said...

Congratulations, Sister, on being in the top five! I'm off to read some of your entries.

floralilia said...

congrats Sister! - your reviews seem fair and accurate - will be back often!

patcora61 said...

thanks so much for your balanced insights! I want to learn how to view movies and tv programs in a way that will help me grow as a person, not just "this is good" or "bad" because of the language, sex, etc. Your vision can help me stretch my way of looking and thinking, so that the programs can challenge me to be all I can be and who God is calling me to be.
Thanks again!

hunybea4him said...

Glad to see you have made the top five! Congrates.

It would be intresting to see you review that new movie coming out called "Saved" not that I will be going to see it, cuz from what I have seen and heard it  nothing but trashes the Christian faith and a slap in the face to those teens who do live out thier faith.

Your on my alerts now.

Much Love,

bigred3392 said...

Congrats on being chosen in the editor's pics! Great movie I saw recently: 13 Going on 30. Some may dismiss it as a "teen chick flick" but it is actually quite clever, witty and sweet. I loved it! Jennifer Garner and the actor who played her loved interest were dazzling together.

magicaltimes80s said...

I am glad to see someone who reviews movies with understanding.